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Shift Scheduling

Streamline your department with Aladtec’s superior employee scheduling features such as rotation scheduling, daily scheduling and shift signups.  

Reporting Tools

Ask about our customizable reporting tools that provide member and scheduling reports, forms reports, and system logs. 

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We have been exceptionally pleased with our Aladtec system since we implemented. Thank you for not only providing a superior product, but ongoing support that is timely, professional, and knowledgeable.

Aladtec is more than a scheduling resource; there are forums, libraries and a member database allowing for easy staff interaction and information. The initial setup was easy and using it is a breeze. The program truly does what it is designed to do and we don’t know how we managed so long without it.

Aladtec basically built me a system that suits our service perfectly. Previously, we used paper and pencil to make the schedule. The system saves us 10 hours a week, that’s 40 hours a month. Aladtec basically took all the paperwork out of scheduling and out of our daily operations. Also, I believe the system will save us upwards of $5000.00 annually in unplanned overtime costs.

Terry S.

Customer since 2007

Bruce H.

Customer since 2011

Jamey M.

Customer since 2013


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