Strategic Remedies for The Great Resignation

We surveyed 300+ leaders and developed insights to help organizations to monitor and improve employee engagement:

Is a toxic work culture harming engagement?

Is hybrid and remote work good or bad? 

How can you use data and analytics to detect burnout before it becomes turnover? 

Understand which practices are helping with engagement and which may be hurting your organization.

These challenging times have encouraged organizations to try new employee engagement strategies.

reported having implemented employee engagement initiatives or strategies over the last 18 months.

feel employee engagement initiatives or strategies have made a difference in employee morale and retention over the last 18 months.

Millennial engagement in the workplace

Most Millennials say they don’t want to go back to the office

Workplace engagement in Millennials has doubled since 2019 with one, key caveat—they want to keep working remotely.
For organizations that want to positively impact engagement for the largest age group in the workforce, remote work is an essential element.

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We asked companies how they are engaging their employees and how they are using technology to solve today’s workforce issues. 

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