State of the U.S. Workforce 

Bridging the Tech Gap to Manage Your People More Effectively 

Key Insights Covered in the Report

The impact of COVID-19 on workforce policies and technology investment.

There is a stark difference right now between reality and ambition for tech adoption.  

Biggest employee pain points with HR tech. 

What is (or isn’t) holding leaders back from greater digital acceleration?

Curious how the state of your organization compares to our study? Want to know how others are prioritizing their tech spend in 2022? Do you love industry data? Our report indulges all of these curiosities.

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The common thread among these top trends is the ability to implement “anywhere operations” in which employees are enabled to do their job anywhere and use digital technologies to do so.


INFOGRAPHIC: Biggest Employee Pain Points With HR Technology

Are your managers and employees running on empty?

There’s a lot of talk about exhaustion, burnout, and resignations in the workforce. What can you do to address employee satisfaction in your organization?


What did over 300 HR leaders tell us about their employees' biggest pain points with HR technology? This infographic provides some helpful insights.


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